A New Age of On-Line Peer Support - Impact Entrepreneurs are a Force for Good: Interview with Jeff Dorchester and Dion Gonzales of iRel8.org | Episode 38

Seems every day there is a new app designed to support some angle of well-being. Many are seeing great opportunity in the integration of technology and mental health. With technology we have awareness of mental health issues and ease of access to resources like never before. Many cost effective supports found on-line are great supplements to in-person therapy, some work just fine by themselves (I’m a big fan to Brain.fm and Others are seeing how our obsession with technology can turn into a huge distraction, or even addiction driving us to increased loneliness and second-guessing our worth.

Check it out:  https://irel8.org/

Check it out: https://irel8.org/

In this interview I chat with some amazing impact entrepreneurs who are a force for good in this space. They have found a way to harness the power of peer support — at very unique peer group levels — to give people a way to connect with others who are walking a similar path. iRel8.org is an anonymous, peer-to-peer social network that proactively uses technology to provide access to support people 24/7/365 in 63 languages. Some giants like Microsoft have taken notice. Founded by a passion fueled by their own lived experience, Dion Gonzales and Jeff Dorchester are filling an important gap in our chain of survival.

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About Dion and Jeff

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Dion Gonzales - Co-Founder of iRel8.org

Dion is a successful entrepreneur and executive with a proven history of creating and delivering successful products and companies, domestically and internationally. Today, his passion is to make positive impact on mental wellness globally. He has been fortunate to have founded three companies which have all been acquired, and now looks to improve lives worldwide.

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Jeff Dorchester — Co-Founder of iRel8.org

Jeff is an experienced and successful designer, entrepreneur, and executive with decades of passion and innovation in the technology space. Today, he brings in an emotional side of life in my new company iRel8, a new peer-to-peer social network for mental wellness.

Show Notes

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