Need an engaging, inspirational, credible and pragmatic speaker for your next suicide prevention or mental health event? Book Sally Spencer-Thomas.



Sally Spencer-Thomas delivers keynote address at MATES in Construction Mental Health Conference in Brisbane, Australia

Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas is an internationally-recognized leader and in-demand speaker on topics of resilience, mental health and suicide prevention. Working directly with communities, companies, professional organizations, and higher education institutions, she inspires, educates, and successfully challenges leaders to develop caring cultures that help people thrive.

She uses the power of stories, science and humor (just enough!) to engage her audiences and inspire a passion for saving lives and promoting wellbeing.

What people are saying:

“Sally is a wonderful person who truly wants to make a difference in the world and has done that by working diligently to keep the suicide prevention movement going forward. She is an awesome speaker who knows how to connect with an audience.”

Michelle Linn-Gust, Past-President, American Association of Suicidology

 “Sally’s message is compelling as she effectively blends personal passion with professional expertise.”

 Bob VandePol, National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention Workplace Task Force

“When I heard Sally speak about her work on suicide in construction at IRMI [International Risk Management Institute] I immediately thought of my friend Eric who recently passed away - way too young. Sally and I met and I was taken with her passion for saving the lives of sons and daughters we do not know and she will never meet. There cannot be a more honorable way to live your life.”

TJ Lyons, Corporate Director, Health and Safety (Federal), Gilbane, Inc.



Sally designs each of her 45-90 minute presentations to inform and motivate the particular audience she is addressing. Some talks can be extended to half-day or full-day interactive workshops.

  •  Up on the High Wire: Promoting Resiliency During Tough Times

  •  Workplace Wellbeing 24/7: Making Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention Health and Safety Priorities at Work

  • Hope Illuminated: Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Approaches to Suicide Prevention

  • Aspiring to a Zero Suicide Mindset: What Mental Health Communities Need to Know

  • Innovative Approaches to Men’s Mental Health

  •  Be a Shining Light of Hope: Everyone Plays a Role in Suicide Prevention

  • After a Suicide: Honoring Loss and Healing Together

  • The Light Goes On: After Death Communications among People Bereaved by Suicide

  • Suicide and Spirituality: The Roles of Spiritual Practice and Faith Communities in Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Crisis Response


These interactive workshops help participants develop skills and personal plans. They're 1-3 hours long, and best-suited for groups of 10-35 people.

  • Wellness Workout: Create A Mental Fitness Plan

  • Become a Mental Health Change Agent: Key Skills in Advocacy and Action

  • Phoenix Rising: The Art of Sharing Your Story of Hope and Recovery

Ted-Style Talk on how suicide prevention is a social justice issue.

Sally Spencer-Thomas gives acceptance speech at Invisible Disabilities Award Banquet for receiving the "Impact Honors" Award.